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Pediatric Urology Nurses & Specialists
2019 Program

Program | Urodynamics Course

Wednesday, September 25
6:00 7:00
Meet and Greet Reception
Trailblazer Foyer

Thursday, September 26
7:00 5:00
Registration Open
7:00 7:45
Continental Breakfast/Visit Exhibits
Kierland 1-2
7:45 8:00
Welcome to PUNS Annual Meeting
Trailblazer C
Christine Danielson, MSN, NP, CPNP
PUNS Chair
8:00 9:00
Session 1: An Update in Options for Diagnosis & Management of VUR
Trailblazer C
From the Top Down
Daniel Herz, MD

Traditional Approach
Saul Greenfield, MD

Endoscopic Injection Of Deflux For Vesicoureteral Reflux
Andrew Kirsch, MD
9:00 10:00
Session 2: A Team Approach To Bladder Exstrophy
Trailblazer C

Joseph Borer, MD; Lauren Cullen, NP
10:00 10:15
Break/Visit Exhibits
Kierland 1-2
10:15 11:15
Session 3: BREAKOUTS
Tips and Tricks: Teaching Patients about BBD

Mandy Rickard, MN-NP, RN(EC), MN-NP Ped

UTI/VUR: Challenging Case Studies
Trailblazer C

Daniel Herz, MD, Saul Greenfield, MD, Andrew Kirsch, MD
11:15 12:15
Session 4: Abstract Presentations
Trailblazer C
Moderators: Karla Giramonti, MSN, RN, FNP-BC
Azadeh Wickham, MSN
Compliance with Enuresis Alarm for Nocturnal Enruesis
Jessica Schuh, PA-C, Jacqueline Broda, PA-C, Jinae Spear, PA-C, Alaina Dozar, NP, Alex Borden, PA-C, Sarah Phillips, PA-C, Duong Tu, MD
Female Authorship Publishing Trends and Forecasting in Pediatric Urology: Are we Closer to Gender Equality
Mandy Rickard, Jessica H. Hannick, Joana Dos Santos, Anne-Sophie Blais, Jishen Wang, John Paul Oliveira, Darius Bagli, Armando J. Lorenzo
C-tube vs appendicostomy: which one is better for Antegrade Continence Enemas (ACEs)?
Consuelo Sierralta Born, Mandy Rickard, Karen Milford, Joao Amaral, Martin A. Koyle, Armando J. Lorenzo
Nurse Practitioner Led Newborn Circumcision Clinic: A Safe and Cost Effective Practice
Vivian Williams, MSN, RN, CPNP, Debra Lajoie, JD, PhD, MSN, RN, Courtney Porter, MPH, CPHQ, Tanya Logvinenko, PhD, Katherine Tecci, MBA, Caleb Nelson, MD, Carlos Estrada, MD, MBA
Evaluating the Practice Pattern in Treatment of Asymptomatic Bacteriuria in Children with Neurogenic
Azadeh Wickham FNP-BC; Lindsey Austenfeld DNP, FNP-C; Alonso Carrasco MD; Susan McElroy PhD, RN; Joel Koenig, MD; Paul Bowlin MD; John Gatti MD
Genitourinary Models for Teaching
Lacy Dillon MSN, FNP-C
Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) after Initiation of an Opioid-free Post-operative Pain Management Protocol
Seo Young Lee, CRNP, Erica Gale, CRNP, Joy Kerr, CRNP, Natalie Plachter, CRNP, Arun Srinivasan, MD
Pressure Injury Prevention for Urology Surgical Procedures
Azadeh Wickham MSN, FNP-BC, Pat Clay, RN, CPN, CWCN; Paul Bowlin, MD; Alonso Carrasco, MD; John Gatti, MD
12:15 1:15
Lunch Symposium Supported by Coloplast
Trailblazer AB
Using A Decision Tree To Guide Bowel Management In Spina Bifida
Patricia Beierwaltes, DNP, C-PNP
1:15 2:15
Session 5: ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery)
Trailblazer C

Kyle Rove, MD, Karol Monnet, RN
2:15 3:15
Session 6: SIG Break Out Sessions
Biofeedback SIG
Lowell B

Education SIG
Lowell A

Research SIG
Trailblazer C

Urodynamics SIG
3:15 3:30
Break/Visit Exhibits
Kierland 1-2
3:30 4:30
Session 7: Updates in Pyscho-Pharmacology
Trailblazer C

Lauren Albright, PPCNP-BC, PMHS
5:00 6:00
PUNS Welcome Reception
Northern Sky Terrace

Friday, September 27
7:00 12:00
Registration Open
7:00 8:00
Continental Breakfast/Exhibits
Kierland 1-2
8:00 9:00
Session 8: Transitioning the Pediatric Urology Patient
Trailblazer C

Hillary Risk, NP
9:00 10:00
Session 9: Renal Pharmacology for Urology
Trailblazer C

Meghan Silich, NP
10:00 10:15
Break/Visit Exhibits
Kierland 1-2
10:15 11:15
Session 10: BREAKOUTS

Managing Medication Side Effects

Karen Malatestinic, RN, Debbie Van Senus, RN

Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS) for the Treatment of Nocturnal Enuresis in Children
Trailblazer C

Adam S. Howe, MD
11:15 11:30
PUNS Annual Business Meeting (PUNS Members Only)
Trailblazer C
11:30 12:30
Lunch Symposia Sponsored by BD, UCC
Trailblazer AB

Building the right clinical support and service for Pediatric Clinics
Bard Clinical Managers: Meredith Cole, RN, BSN, CRRN; Gina Whitlock, RN; Yolanda Rhodes, RN, CRRN
12:30 1:30
Session 11: BREAKOUTS

Hands on Skills Lab Bowel Management
Trailblazer C

Kristina Booth, MSN, FNP-C, Andria Haynes, BSN, RN, Cheryl Baxter, CPNP, MSN, RN

ERAS: A Nursing Perspective

Karol Monnet, RN
1:30 2:30
Session 12: BEAKOUTS

Beginners Guide to Uroflow/EMG

Marlo Eldridge, DNP

Anatomy & Pathophysiology of the Genitourinary System
Trailblazer C

Shelly King, CPNP, RN, MSN
2:30 3:30
Session 13: Research from Start to Finish: A How To Guide
Trailblazer C

Maryellen Kelly, DNP, CPNP, Cheryl Baxter, RN, MS, CPNP, Karla Giramonti, MSN, RN, FNP-BC
Closing Remarks

The Role Of The Advanced Practice Provider In Pediatric Urology
Maryellen S Kelly
Duke University, Durham, NC, USA

Effectiveness of Biofeedback for Treatment of Dysfunctional Voiding: A Case Series
Rebecca Cesa, Kimberly Slocombe
Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH, USA

Why Not? Concomitant Body Piercing While Under Anesthesia During Elective Pediatric Urological Proce
Mandy Rickard, Kiara DeCotiis, Jessica H. Hannick, Armando J. Lorenzo
The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Utility Estimation for Neurogenic Bowel Dysfunction in the General Population
Kirsten Simmons, Leah Davis, Jonathan Routh, Maryellen Kelly
Duke University, Durham, NC, USA

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words: A Hospital Based Email System To Assist With Remote Post-Operative
Andria Haynes, Sherri Ray, Cheryl Baxter, Dr. Rama Jayanthi, Dr. Seth Alpert, Dr. Christina Ching, Dr. Daniel DaJusta, Dr. Molly Fuchs, Dr. Daryl McLeod
Nationwide Children's Hospital, Columbus OH, USA

Retractable Foreskin Reduces Urinary Tract Infections in Infant Boys with Vesicoureteral Reflux
Joshua D. Chamberlin, Dao T. Le, Vincent A. Delgado, Crystal Dorgalli, Christina Chalmers, Kai-wen Chuang, Heidi A. Stephany, Irene M. McAleer, Elias J. Wehbi, Antoine E. Khoury
CHOC Childrens and UCI

PTNS for Refractory Pediatric Voiding Dysfunction
Samantha Eaker DNP, Maryellen Kelly DNP
Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, USA

A Pivotal Study to Assess Performance and Safety of a New 5 French Air-Charged Urodynamics Catheter
Susan V. Leroy CPNP1, Osama Al-Omar MD2, Mikel Gray PhD, CUNP1, Sean T. Corbett MD1, Amy Wildasin CPNP2, Nora G. Kern MD1
1Department of Urology, Division of Pediatric Urology, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, USA 2Department of Urology, Division of Pediatric Urology, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV, USA

Care Integration for Complex Patients: Development and Implementation of a Collaboration Action Grid
Rosemary Grant, RN, RSN1, Angela Bassett, RN, RSN2, Julie Campbell, MS1, lauren Cullen, CPNP1, Carlos Estrada, MD, MBA1, Casey Fee, SM2, Julie Finklestein, MD, MPH1, Sindey Jean2, Rebeccas Sherlock, PNP1, Richard Anotonelli, MD, MS2
1Department of Urology, 2Integrated Care Program, Department of Pediatrics, Boston Childrens Hospital, Boston, MA, USA

Sedated Urodynamics: Another Option When Video Urodynamics are Not Needed
Andria Haynes, RN
Nationwide Children's Hospital, Columbus OH, USA